American Title Agency of Lenawee is dedicated to serving the needs of residential and commercial clients in Lenawee and adjacent counties.

Real estate deals are often complicated, sometimes messy, and always high-stakes. Our work gives security and confidence to everyone involved.

We aim to produce happy buyers, sellers, realtors, lawyers, and lenders. These parties are all our clients, and we are committed to meeting the title and settlement needs of each.

Why Choose American Title Agency of Lenawee?

Our Speed and Thoroughness

We’re always ready to get the deal closed at a moment’s notice. We pride ourselves on our ability to help our clients close with unparalleled speed, without sacrificing professionalism or thoroughness.

Our Commercial Expertise

Most title agencies send commercial deals to the underwriter, causing additional delay and expense, and most won’t even deal with business asset transfers. We can do it all in-house, because we understand how commercial deals work.

Our 1031 Exchange Company

1031 exchanges provide sellers and buyers with substantial tax benefits. Our in-house exchange company can handle 1031 exchanges from beginning to end as an accommodation to our clients.

Our Legal Background

Real estate transactions, as well as title insurance, ultimately rest on legal foundations. Our executive team has been practicing business law for decades. We have the answers to our clients’ questions about the legal aspects of their deals.

Our Professional Connections

Real estate deals involve a lot more than title insurance. Our partner businesses can make sure you’ve covered all your bases, whether you need a lawyer, real estate agent, or mortgage broker. Oh, and if you need title insurance in the Detroit area, or Imlay City – we’ve got that covered too.

Why Title Insurance?

  • What is Title Insurance

  • Lenders Title Insurance

  • Owners Title Insurance


Liz Casselman,

Liz has been a real estate attorney and title agent since 2015. She works closely with the underwriters, staff, directs the 1031 Exchanges, and oversees our policies at each state of the process, ensuring that our clients receive exemplary and responsive service from start to close and beyond.

Shamil Halabu,
Vice President

Shamil has practiced real estate and business law in Michigan since 1985, has been a real estate broker since 1990, and has worked in the title insurance industry since 1999. Having helped close thousands of transactions in his career, he brings a wealth of experience and a commonsense approach to closing each deal.

Peter Halabu,
General Counsel

Peter graduated from Harvard Law School in 2010 and has practiced as a business and real estate attorney since then. He has also been a real estate salesman since 2004. His experience in handling business transactions, litigation, and bankruptcies helps American Title Agency of Lenawee provide solid legal and practical advice to our clients.

We have partnered with American Title of Lenawee for many years! We “Love Living in Lenawee” and supporting local businesses. We also appreciate that they provide pre-title commitments to help alert homeowners and Realtors of requirements to clear title. The professional service and expertise provided to our clients and customers is the reason we recommend American Title of Lenawee.

Janis Montalvo,Living in Lenawee Realty

I am always pleased with the service I receive at American Title. They truly care about their work and do their best to make sure everyone is happy and taken care of. They are very thorough, very smart, and always professional. The office is upbeat and positive, and I take comfort in knowing that I’m always in good hands with the experts at American title.

Alison Prielipp,Howard Hanna Real Estate Services

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