Why We Excel

Our approach

American Title Agency of Lenawee is committed to providing a perfect product with exemplary service. We know you have options when it comes to title insurance, and the product is virtually identical across the board. Where we can differentiate ourselves is through our knowledge, expertise, and passion for serving our clients and our community.

Our approach is driven by three hands-on principal owners, who are also practicing real estate attorneys. When the success of your deal relies on the efficient resolution of a legal matter, or on gauging whether a legal issue is a real-world problem or not, our owners are always able to find a solution to move the deal forward. Unlike other agencies, there are no delays or miscommunications from consulting outside counsel or uninvolved ownership.

American Title Agency of Lenawee’s approach for exception service is driven by incorporating the latest technology. We use the most up-to-date software for file processing, title examining, file sharing, document recording, and remote closing and notarizing. As a result, we can provide title exam results in days rather than weeks; edit documents in minutes, not days; and schedule closings anywhere in the country on a day’s notice. This focus on using technology to streamline the title process also allows us to provide unlimited options for getting your deal closed, including remote, counterpart, and electronic closings.

We are also committed to being a full-service title agency. Besides the core commercial, residential, and lender title services, we also handle construction draws, 1031 exchanges, title searches on a nationwide basis, and pure-escrow services. That way, you know that everything needed to close your deal is happening at the same place, managed by the same people.

Finally, we are committed to maintaining title excellence into the future by training the next generation of title industry professionals and being a part of the same community that has kept us in business all these years. American Title Agency of Lenawee focuses its resources on hiring the top talent in the industry as well as training new talent with a passion for title and real estate. We take title licensing seriously, encouraging our employees to get individual title insurance producer licenses, taking continuing education workshops, and attending seminars on relevant topics and developments in the industry. By bringing younger professionals into the industry, we ensure that our clients have the continuing benefit of both experience and innovation, for decades to come.

Our network

We are proud to work with the absolute best people in the real estate industry, bar none. Whether you are a seller or buyer, real estate agent, mortgage broker or lender, American Title Agency of Lenawee provides more than just title services. With decades of legal experience and title industry knowledge, we have formed connections with the best in the industry. If you are looking for top rated inspectors, appraisers, contractors, insurance agents, brokers, or lenders, we have worked with the very best and we are happy to provide referrals. If you are navigating the probate world because a loved one has passed and you need assistance managing their estate, we have the professionals you need to help you get the estate properly settled and closed. No matter the circumstance, we have experienced it before at American Title Agency of Lenawee and if we cannot handle it ourselves, we know the right professional who will provide